Sunday, October 7, 2012

DIY Chevron Makeup Bag

There is normally no order in my purse when it comes to my makeup--everything seems to find its place at the bottom of my bag where it inevitably gets lost forever.  I purchased this gold pouch at H&M months ago simply because I liked the pretty gold color and I also figured it was the perfect size to hold my makeup essentials on the go (hopefully providing some order to my very messy purse!), and heck at $3.95, how could a girl go wrong?
A few months have passed and I've continued to get great use out of my little gold makeup bag.  However, I decided the other day that it needed a small face lift.  As you've noticed in other posts (here and here), I'm a huge fan of large bold prints and patterns.  I thought some nice black chevrons would be a great contrast to the dainty gold faux snakeskin material.
The first step was to create a simple template on the computer and print it on card stock.
Next, I cut out my chevron template and positioned it on the pouch.
Using a pen, I carefully traced the chevron pattern onto my pouch.  I can already see it taking on a whole new personality... :)
With the help of some handy dandy painters tape, I created clean lines, prepping the pouch for some spray paint action!
After some ample drying time, I peeled off the tape and revealed my newly restored chevron makeup bag!  It was such a small and easy project, but provided much satisfaction to a girl who was getting just a little bored with her plain ol' makeup pouch... :)

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